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The Parent's Guide to Kids Coding

Are you a parent who is interested in coding classes for your 6-13 year old kid, but not sure where to start?

Created by the CEO of the leading kids coding school, this guide tells you everything you need to know to make informed decisions.

Every kid should learn to code before age 13. Here's how.

Camps vs. Classes

For Nontechnical Parents Interested in Kids Coding

How to Analyze a Curriculum

What's Scratch?

When should your child learn Python? JavaScript? iOS?

Heard of Scratch but not sure what it is? We'll explain.

When should your child attend a camp vs. a class? What will each cost?

What to Learn at What Age

What should you be looking for in a curriculum? How difficult is it going to be?

Joanne Appel

"Neither me nor my husband are engineers, so this is all very new to us. Thank you for the helpful info!"

"As a parent in Silicon Valley, kids coding is what everyone is talking about, but I wasn't sure where to start until reading this guide. THANK YOU!"



"My son's peers all have taken coding classes, so I felt like my son was falling behind. Now I'm the informed one."

Stella Newell

Randall Brand


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Everything you need to know about kids coding.